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Woven Tapes

Woven edge tapes made from cotton, polyester or nylon are available in various weaves, widths, and thickness. The selection is determined by the ultimate use of the tape and may be functional or decorative.


An application for a plain weave light weight tape may be a seam reinforcement for knit garments, while a nylon twill tape may be used as a buttonhole reinforcement. This tape is also used by the intimate apparel industry on front closures to attach the hook or as a loop. Various constructions are available for specific applications.


Our exclusive cotton tubular boning tape is woven with sewing flanges on each side that can be readily stitched to a garment, and encases a metal or plastic stiffening stay. This tape is also available with a soft plush covering that is double-needle stitched to the tape for extra comfort to the wearer.


All tapes are readily dyed to custom colors in our on-site dyehouse; natural, white, and black are always available. All tapes may be cut to length, cut and folded, or a pressure sensitive back-coating applied as required.

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