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Pressure Sensitive Labels & Stickers

Pressure sensitive labels are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes. These are available as sheets, fanfolded or on rolls.


They can be supplied die-cut as round-corner rectangles, face scored or circles. They may be tinted to any color, full width or stripes, as well printed in one or more colors.


Pressure sensitive labels are available for dot matrix, laser, ink jet or thermal transfer printing in various face stocks and adhesives depending upon the application.


Our Service Bureau can print these with bar-codes or any copy required.

Sheetfed Laser Labels

8-1/2" x 11" Label Sheets

  •       Bright white labels for sharp print quality

  •       Sheet fed from any paper tray

  •       Easy to format with all templates


Sheets are face edge-trimmed - approximately 1/32" of face stock and adhesive removed on all sides to eliminate the accumulation of adhesive in printers thereby minimizing feed jams

Roll Labels Pressure Sensitive
Pressure Sensitive Printed Labels
Pressure Sensitive Label Sticker
Thermal Transfer Label Barcode
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