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Hot Stamp Printing Foil

JEANFAST 50 washable hot stamp Dri-Ink is compatible with all JEANFAST 50 coated label tapes. Available in 29 matte, 1 opaque, and two metallic colors; special colors can be made to order. JEANFAST 50 foil and JEANFAST 50 label tapes may be used on all hot stamp printers made by Paxar/Fasco, Markem, Rospatch, and Donwalt.


Our foils are formulated so printing is sharp and distinct with colors vividly rendered that will not smudge. Extended shelf life reduces the need for frequent ordering and the discarding of older stock. Labels printed with our foils are completely washable and conform to the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission care labeling law. JEANFAST 50 foil is available in 800 foot rolls, either slit to your specific width requirements or supplied as full width logs.


JRM offers the industry's most extensive line of label tapes in a wide range of coated and uncoated fabrics, made from polyester, nylon, cotton, acetate, poly/cotton blends and nonwovens. They are available in white and all colors, with or without heat-seal or pressure sensitive backcoatings.


An extensive line of bright or dull metallized gold and silver foils, as well as pigment colors are available for nonwashable use. These can be applied on acetate, papers, plastics, book cloth, vinyls, leathers, etc. Different formulations are available for optimum printing on various substrates.

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